Fuck Twitter

Who the hell knows how many blogs I’ve had over the last ten years and ditched, either because I started them to get something off my mind or just because I was bored.

I was probably bored when I started this one sometime earlier this year and ya, I’m still bored.

Twitter is’nt doing it for me since trying to say something in 140 characters is fucking impossible and I find it more of a gossip column/grapevine than anything else as well as a bunch of people saying that they know what social networking/media is all about and want you to buy their book or have them speak to you for a hansom sum of money. Take a fucking hike. Sorry #yyj, but that is how I feel. There are some truly unique people on twitter that use the hashtag #yyj and I mean that in all respect, but there are other ones that just bored the hell out of me. I’ll not mention them to protect their privacy.

Who the hell knows how long I’ll keep this blog up or what I’ll title it. Maybe I’ll just keep the original title and saunter down different paths and see where they lead. Your welcome to follow (fuck there I go taking a page away from twitter) weather you agree with me or not and your welcome to comment and dump on me all you want, just expect it in return.

PS I do still have a alias on twitter @variedthinking but not a lot of followers or am following

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